I am a Fellow of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. After four decades of passionately exploring architecture I am able to assemble a team of professionals to complete projects anywhere in Australia.

Widely published projects on this website demonstrate that a profound building communicates collective emotion. Built ideas encircle how we dwell. When successful, architecture can focus individual or families emotional values into a sophisticated expression of life and community – a humanist essence.

My clients and I have completed a litany of award winning projects expressing ideas in urbanism, space, landscape, and delight. This practices work re-establishes the central positioning of ideas in our lives. Each of our lives are propelled by ideas. Ideas of silence, light, music, cognition, nature, and landscape – form a significant conceptual framework for each project. Ideas researched through drawing, sculpture, and ultimately architecture.

I am extending an invitation for you to collaborate in exploring the pinnacle of the evocative new.

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